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Reach your goal with a coach

Personalized coaching with an experienced coach

Why choose personalized coaching?

Choosing a trainer is the guarantee of having a personalized training plan adapted to your constraints.
It is also the opportunity to be able to discuss your workouts and to have feedback on the training you do.

For which sports?

Coaches offer personalized training plans for running, cycling, triathlon, and many other sports.
Whatever your sport, you will find a coach to reach your future goal.

For who?

At Nolio, we ensure that everyone can train.
The trainers adapt to your needs and will offer you a 100% personalized plan designed according to your personal and professional constraints.

Personalized coaching on Nolio

Nolio coaches will offer you an optimal experience throughout your training plan.

The coaches plan your workouts on the Nolio app. Tracking your progress and analyzing your performance is available wherever and whenever you want.

Coaches are available. You can exchange directly with them easily thanks to Nolio.

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Running coach

Contact your future coach for your next goal: 5km, 10km, half-marathon, marathon, trail, ..

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Cycling coach

With or without a power meter, prepare your next race !

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Triathlon coach

Whether you're aiming for the world championships in Kona or finishing your first triathlon, the coach adapts to your level.

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More questions

Are there free coaching services?

Coaches are paid by their athletes. Taking care of several athletes means many hours of work to prepare the sessions and build the training plans. Therefore, you will not find a free coach on Nolio. When you subscribe to a service, you support the coach and Nolio.

How to find the best trainer?

The best coach is the one who will allow you to progress.
He is the person who will have convinced you with his vision of training and with whom you will be able to forge links.

What is the cost of coaching?

Prices vary by sport and coaches.
On average, the price is between 50€ and 100€ per month.
Generally, for this price, the coaching includes: an assessment to define your objective, workouts adapted to your constraints, exchanges with the trainer, and follow-up of your workouts on Nolio.

Can I find a coach near me?

Many coaches work 100% remotely.
However, you can find coaches depending on your location.
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Are the workouts adapted to my constraints?

Yes, the coach will ask you to put your availability and unavailability in Nolio so that he can establish your personalized training plan.
In any case, you can exchange with him to share your constraints.

Are the workouts adjusted?

According to your feedback and your progress, the coach will update your workouts so that they are as consistent as possible with your level and optimize your preparation.

Can I stop whenever I want?

Typically coaches ask for a 2 or 3 month commitment.
However, this varies from coach to coach, it is often possible to be coached for only a few weeks.

What happens if I don't reach my goal?

The coach will do everything possible to prepare you as well as possible and allow you to reach your goal.
Despite all your efforts, it is still possible that the objective will not be achieved, it is the law of sport.

Sell my coaching services

Are you a coach and want to offer your coaching services on Nolio?

It's simple, just create a coach account and follow the steps to put your profile and your offers online.
Being on Nolio means having the opportunity to reach thousands of athletes.

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