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Application developed with athletes, for athletes

Nolio simplifies the daily management of training

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Centralize all your workouts by synchronizing your watch, keep control on your training

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Simple and powerful tools to go into the details of your workouts

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They are already using Nolio

A quality tool, precise and quick to use David Hauss
Trail / Triathlon - 4th London 2012 Olympic Games -
Finally an application made for the follow-up of the trainings which corresponds to my expectations. Very likely that I will give up my follow-up with the Excel files. The tool is very complete but remains intuitive and therefore quite easy to use. Also, adding HRV data is really a plus. Thank you, great job. Best, Jacques Jacques Hamard
Triathlon -
Vélobook user, Nolio is more "modern" and more visually pleasing. Synchronization with Garmin Connect is very practical. No need to plug in the meter every time. Having the coach program on the same app is also very convenient. Benoit Bouchet
Cycling -
It is a complete and easy to complete tool. We can easily and regularly inform our coaches of our sessions without being too heavy (like a traditional training log). We can also easily view our past workouts. A very practical tool. Maelle Veyre
XC Skiing -

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