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Application developed with clubs, for clubs

Nolio simplifies the daily life of coaches and athletes.

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The app for clubs

Club workouts planification
Club monitoring

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Bring together all coaches & athletes on the same platform

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Centralize and simplify access to the workouts of each group of the club for your athletes

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Club workouts planification

Monitoring 🔍

Get a better view of the workouts performed within the club

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Club monitoring

Feedback 💬

Strengthen the relation of the athlete with the club

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With a very large numbers of licenciees, the La Féclaz sports club had been looking for an integrated solution for a long time to follow our athletes. Nolio provides a simple answer for athletes and above all a complete solution for coaches (programming of workouts and loads, monitoring of individual athletes, detailed assessment, ...). In a few months, it has become the unique tool, which replaces spreadsheets, emails, WhatsApp conversations. Well done Nolio Marc Desseux
XC Skiing & Biathlon -

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