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Origins of the platform

Origins of the platform Interview -
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GEM Entreprendre : Get Talk #5

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Frustrated by the training programs on Excel files and email exchanges, Alexandre Bouquet and François Dupont developed the Nolio platform in 2018. Engineers by training, but above all experienced athletes, they want to improve the daily life of athletes, both before and after training. Nolio is therefore a platform for monitoring, planning and analyzing training sessions, responding to a concrete need between the coach and the coach. Direct Velo - Read full article Access all articles
As a cyclist or endurance athlete, you have certainly already tried different methods to monitor, analyze and plan your sessions. The training platform we are presenting to you today brings together all your data in one tool, allowing you to analyze it as well as plan your future cycles and sessions. Zoom on Nolio, a French training platform, customizable and complete. Le petit pignon - Read full article Access all articles
Nolio is a training platform for endurance sports such as running, skiing, cycling and triathlon. This French application, developed in Grenoble, was created by two engineers passionate about sport and is intended for coaches, clubs and athletes. Zoom in on an effective and customizable tool that is attracting more and more the athletics community. Stadion - Read full article Access all articles
A newcomer to the training platform market, Nolio is a French, young & ambitious project. Presentation of a very complete and customizable tool that is attracting more and more triathletes. And at the end of the article, find the interview of one of its co-founders, Alexandre Bouquet Opentri - Read full article Access all articles
Quite a few individual coaches already use Nolio but we want to get to know the clubs more. With the provision of the platform for the Paca League Triathlon Schools, we want to help clubs and young people to optimize their practice, their training, their development Ligue Régionale de Triathlon PACA - Read full article Access all articles
Motivated by the enthusiasm of its users and the brains of their creators, the Training Peaks alternative is growing quarterly. In this article, I will give you tips for making the best use of the provisional calendars whether you are trained, coach or "Premium Sportsman Blog Nicolas Raybaud - Read full article Access all articles
Nolio, provides simple and effective solutions where the coach has tools facilitating rapid and interactive management with his group of athletes Blog Nicolas Raybaud - Read full article Access all articles

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