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Planning, training monitoring and performance analysis

of the bridge

François Dupont

Co-founder and CTO

Practice several endurance sports.
Passionate about the complexity of training and understanding all the factors that impact athletic performance.
Rational in nature, he appreciates the discipline of IT development


Alexandre Bouquet

Co-founder & President

Practice running & triathlon
Passionate about training and all that revolves around it.
Fan of new technologies that can simplify the daily life of athletes and coaches in sport

Why have we developed Nolio ?

Athletes and engineers, tired of excels files and email exchanges with our coach, we decided to create a tool to simplify the life of coachs and athletes.


Designed and developed thanks to numerous exchanges with coaches and athletes, the goal of Nolio is to improve monitoring, planning, analysis and coach-athlete interaction..

Our wish is to involve any Nolio user, which is why anyone can submit a development idea and it will be submitted to a community voting system..

We want to create a tool that can be personalized according to sports and working habits..


Staying close to our users and understanding their wishes about our app is a priority. We let everyone speak on our forum and make Nolio a collaborative work between its creators and its community.