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Nolio, the training application developed with its community

Nolio simplifies the daily management of training

Nolio is customizable

Nolio's goal is to meet your vision of training

Structured workouts


Your workouts are automatically available on your training devices

  • Automatic sync to watch or device (Garmin Connect)
  • Export in .zwo for Zwift
  • Allows the coach and athletes to better visualize the intensity of the session

Structured workouts
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Mobile app


Android app is available here
The iOS application must be installed from Safari, explanations 👉 here




With Nolio you will access several tools to save you time :
Planning tools :

  • Training & Plan models
  • Sessions content with variables (FTP, Heart zones..)
  • Copy / paste workouts
  • Assign workouts to a whole group or individually

You can plan in the calendar: workouts, competitions, training cycles as well as simple notes to provide additional content

Training models
VMA, Fcmax
Group, club




Nolio has the particularity of offering two calendars per athlete, a planned calendar and an completed one.

The completed calendar can be synchronized with Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Coros, Fitbit, Withings, Decathlon & Strava

Calendars can be exported to other calendar apps

The color of the workouts in the calendars can show different concepts, according to your choice :

  • Feeling
  • Perceived effort (RPE)
  • Time spent in each
  • Planned vs completed
  • Sport color

Below, the color of the workouts are based on the athlete's perception of the effort 👇


Numerous data relating to training monitoring can be entered or synced

Below, the weight curve 👇


Nolio can be synced with Messenger to debrief the workouts carried out and to receive various notifications
The debrief allows through Messenger, to feed info of the new workout: the sensation, the perception of the effort & a comment




Many statistics can be taken from the planned or completed calendar
They can be viewed on the periods of your choice

All graphics work the same, choose from the menu what interests you




View all the data sent by the watches & sensors
Heart rate and watt curve show the colors of your training zones
Everything is kept in memory, the interface adapts to you


Zoom in, create your selections, comment on them and leave them visible on the graphs to make precise workout analyzes 👇


Analyze : cycling


Power sensors provide additional data to analyze ⚡️

Find the curves of watt, cadence, torque, L / R distribution as well as the Wbal
On each workout, easily find the peaks power as well as the power curve

Cycling analyze

Easily find the rank of peaks power, Nolio shows you where it is on the curve
The L / R distributions as well as the pedaling phases adapt when you zoom👇

Peaks power
Cycling dynamics
Power profile

Analyze : trail


Developed with different trailrunning teams, Nolio provides vertical ascending speed and the grade adjusted pace (GAP)

Trail analyze



Athletes can ask questions about planned workouts

Coaches can: react directly to a workout and / or mark it as seen

The messaging system allows exchanges between athlete and trainer or between all members of a group


Training load


Three training load models are available: Foster, Coggan & TRIMP
You can use multiple models at the same time

Foster is a subjective load , calculated according to the time of the workout and the perception of the effort
Coggan is an objective load, calculated according to the duration, the adjusted power, the intensity of the workout and the FTP
TRIMP is also an objective load, calculated according to the time spent in the training zones ( Bannister & Morton ) or relating to HR Rest & HR Max & average HR of the workout ( Edwards - Stagno )
For the TRIMP load you can choose between the two calculation methods



The dashboard is customizable, you can choose to display: :

  • The next goals
  • Variables such as FTP, HR Max and more
  • Training load
  • HRV fitness



You can track the usage of any equipment
Receive a notification when you exceed a wear threshold . 🔔




HRV Fitness tracking with Haptools (HaPT) allows you to benefit from the evolution of your form, serenity and HR min over time, thanks to studies and work on heart rate variability (HRV).
It optimizes the "training - competition - recovery" cycles and thus to reach your goals as quickly as possible.
Based on the latest scientific publications and optimized for sports, their algorithms provide you with the assurance of being at the cutting edge.


Training zones


Define pace, heart, watts, cadence zones with your formulas and choose the associated sports.
The zones are automatically recalculated as soon as the variables in the formula change (For example: new FTP = new zones)
The zone system is completely customizable. Nolio automatically calculates the time spent in zones

Training zones

Warning system


For coaches

Receive an email / notification on criteria that you define, on all your athletes or only for some 🔔

Warning system

Collaboration between coaches


For coaches

Several coaches can work under the same team, the first coach simply has to invite other coaches to his team
An athlete can have several coaches

Elite group
Default group

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