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Structured workouts

Nolio simplifies the daily management of training

Structured workout ?


Structured sessions bring several perks :

  • Automatic sync to watch or device
  • Allows the coach and athletes to better visualize the intensity of the session

They are available on the workouts templates and / or directly on the planned workouts

Export workout

How to do it ?


The creation of structured sessions is done in the comment field when editing a session

To start, click on a training zone and / or on a metrics to the left of the comment field

Add a step

To switch your session to structured, you must click on the banner activate structured session under the comment field

Activate the workout builder

The editor


Each training zone or metrics represents a step

Enter a time and / or distance as well as other information by clicking on the item in the editor

Edit a step
Create a repeat

Click on the repeat button in the editor of a step

View the workout

The editor must contain at least one step with a distance or a time AND the structured session must be activated (see above)

View a workout



Structured workouts are automatically sent to your Garmin Connect account as well as to your Garmin Connect calendar

Your watch or device will suggest you to start the structured workout on the right date

Garmin workout



Automatic synchronization of structured sessions to Zwift is not yet available

You must download your workout in .zwo format and add it to your Zwift folder

Zwift export
How to add a .zwo file on Zwift



Structured workouts are automatically sent to your Suunto app in the Suunto Guides



Structured workouts are automatically sent to your Coros app in your training plan tab



The automatic synchronization of structured sessions to Wahoo is not yet available

According to the latest news, it will be possible to do this by this fall (we are awaiting the Wahoo API features allowing this)

.erg .mrc


These files are supported by several applications, for example: TrainerRoad

.erg .mrc export


Lap button : go to the next step only by pressing the lap button

Automatic synchronization Manual export Target/Range Cadence Lap button
Garmin Yes No Both No Yes
Suunto Yes No Both No Yes
Coros Yes No Both No No
Zwift No .zwo Target Yes No
TrainerRoad No .erg .mrc Target No No
Rouvy No .erg .mrc Both No No
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