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Reach your goal with a training plan

Training plans for all levels prepared by experienced coaches

What is a training plan?

A training plan is a set of workouts tailored to your needs.
It is created by an experienced coach and will take you to your next goal !

For which sports?

Coaches offer training plans for running, triathlon, marathon, half marathon, trail, and more.
Here you will find a training program whatever your sport.

For who?

Beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert, training plans are designed for all difficulties.
Coaches are used to working with athletes of different levels, do not hesitate to contact them !

A training plan on Nolio

We give particular importance to qualified and experienced coaches

Everything happens on the Nolio app

Depending on the training plan, you can discuss directly with your coach

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Running training plan

Marathon, half-marathon, trail, 10km... find the training plan that suits you!

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Cycling training plan

Whether you're looking to finish your next race or break your records, you'll find the schedule you need. !

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Triathlon training plan

Triathlon sprint, Olympic, half or full, you will find the training program adapted to your level !

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More questions

Are there free training plans?

Free training plans are not available on Nolio. However, you will find a plan no matter your budget.
When you buy a training plan, you support the trainer and Nolio.

What are the best training plans?

The best training plan does not exist.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a training plan will allow you to progress if it is adapted to your sporting level and your objective.

How do I plan my workouts?

Are you looking to plan your workouts rather than finding a pre-designed workout schedule?
In this case, we advise you to use Nolio Premium account ⭐, which will enable you to plan your workouts.
You can also combine the premium offer with a training plan to adjust the workouts according to your constraints.

Are the workouts exported to my watch or my bike device?

Structured training plan workouts can be exported to your Garmin, Coros or Suunto watch and device. Learn more

Are training plans compatible with Zwift?

Structured workouts of training plans can be exported in .zwo for Zwift.

Are training plans compatible with my power meter?

Programs specially designed for power meters are available.

Can I find training plans for a cycling races ?

Yes, there are many bike training programs to prepare for your next race, no matter your level !

Sell my training plans

Are you a trainer and want to sell your training plans on Nolio?

It's simple, just create a trainer account and follow the steps to sell your training plans.
Selling on Nolio is the opportunity to reach thousands of athletes with your training plans.

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